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November 19th - first night of the tour

I don't know if anyone went last night, but the show at Sokol Underground in Omaha, NE was amazing. The only thing that made me a little sad was that there had to have been less than 50 people at that show.

The first two bands before The Color Fred and Straylight were nice. TCF were awesome, and Straylight put on such an amazing show. John kept messing up on the set list, and would start in with the wrong song. xD

I got a phone call before they started in on a song, and I don't know if John thought I was talking to him or whatever, but he didn't realize I was on the phone. xD It was kind of embarrassing, but funny. After I told my sister [the one who called] where I was, John said, "Oh, she's just telling her she's at the Straylight Run show!" After the show I apologized, and he was like, "Don't worry about it. It happens."

I met all the members after the show. They're always so nice. :] I snagged a set list and they signed it, even Jeff. I gave Will and Shaun the Bow of Awesome, which was just a baby silver xmas bow, and Will said he'd put it on the top of his drums the next show to see how long it'll stay. xD

I always enjoy myself at Straylight Run shows, and last night had to have been the best so far. However, there was this dude who bought the two albums and the EP and made everyone sign the CD and then the booklet, and had Jeff sign it too. He looked like he was in his 40's, and really didn't seem to belong. He didn't know any of the band member's names, which I guess doesn't mean much. I had the suspicion that he was going to sell the albums on eBay, but I don't know... xD xD He probably has a son or daughter or something that couldn't make it. xD

But enough of my ramblings. xD I didn't take any pictures, besides of one with me and John, because I really don't like doing that in the Underground. I did take pictures of when I saw them in April at The Rock. You can see them here.

1. Soon We'll Be Living in the Future
2. The Miracle that Never Came
3. It's For the Best
4. Big Shot
5. Sunrise Highway
6. Buttoned Down
7. The Words We Say
8. Who Will Save Us Now
9. How Do I Fix My Head
10. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
11. Still Alone
12. Take it to Manhattan
13. Existentialism on Prom Night

I could've sworn they played another song, because my friend had John's setlist, and it was listed out to 14. The one I have is the one Michelle was using.

I also spoke briefly with Michelle about her songs. I was really excited to hear some of hers, but she told me that the audience didn't seem so thrilled. :[
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