Erin (shadowstohidein) wrote in straylightrun,

So I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to say about this... Today I found out we were officially dropped from Universal Republic. I can't say I'm dissappointed though.

We did everything in our power to avoid the horrible situation we were put into, but I guess that wasn't enough. I guess the label is kind of in shambles. I mean, if you feel like the man that brought you The Killers and Fall Out Boy is expendable; what the hell are we?

Whatever... most people in the "record industry" are shitheads, and don't have a clue what they're doing. That is the real resaon why records aren't selling anymore. I only know that my band is going to keep on keepin' on (as I like to say) and that we are already working on some badass new music. I feel like I want to fight for this more than ever before.

I'm sorry it has been a long while since I've checked in, but I've kind of been bummed about this stuff. I feel sort of reinvigorated now and I promise to check in more often.

If I don't check in sooner, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and new year. I'm looking foward to spending time with my family and friends on beautiful Long Island myself.

Thank you guys/gals for sticking with us. We'll keep you posted with updates ASAP.

Yours truly,

hey dudes and dudettes,

thanks for all the well wishes. just wanted to pop in and let you know that we will all be fine. and that has a lot to do with you guys and our other fans who care about us and our music. some of you guys have been around since day one, when we didnt have a label. infact, we didnt have a label when we did our first demos, did our first headlining tour, first full US tour, first time we went to the UK, etc etc.

so we'll keep touring (like bayside in jan/feb...hitting a lot of cities we havent been to in a while... and then a college tour later in the spring). and we'll keep recording (new demos, new record etc). and we'll find a label, start a label, give it away. whatever. the point is to connect with people through music, both recorded and live. and we'll keep doing it come hell or high water. and hopefully you guys will be there with us, because we'd like that.

all my love,
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