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John Nolan

I think most of us know that John has a solo project. But if you didn't know, go check www.myspace.com/johnnolanmusic now! He did a few fan collaborations - fans sent him whatever music they had created and John added the lyrics/instruments he felt would go well with them - over the past few months and now they're up for free download at http://johnnolanmusic.bandcamp.com/ My favorite is Not To Let Go. So good!

The even more exciting news is that John's first solo album, Heights, will be released on October 27th, 2009 through Doghouse Records. The album was produced by Mike Sapone. There had been talks about John being on Brookvale Records (the Long Island based, Looney Tunes/Derrick Sherman label) and they previously had a September 1st, 2009 date for the album. That's not happening anymore. Doghouse Records is the label to bands The Honorary Title, Limbeck, Mansions and Say Anything. John played a few shows in June in the Midwest.

His first merch as a solo artist:

You can get it here. Or from John at a show near you.

Now he's on tour with Mansions and in August he goes on a short tour with O'Brother. I had the chance to go and see him play on the 25th at The Space in Hamden, CT. The show was really good, except very short. Camille accompanies him on guitar and keyboard and they're just cute.

Setlist (07.25.09)

New song (I Don't Believe?)
Not To Let Go (with Camille)
This Is How
Waltz #2 (Elliott Smith cover with Camille)
Ten Ton Shoes
Keep Calm, Carry On (with Camille)
It's For The Best
It Takes A Long Time (with Camille)
'Til It's Done to Death (with Mansions and Camille)
Screaming Into The Wind (with Mansions and Camille)

Hopefully I'll make it to Maxwell's tonight. Pablo's supporting. Yay!

Waltz #2

'Til It's Done To Death

Screaming Into The Wind

Tour dates:

Jul 27 2009 8:30P Maxwell’s w/ Mansions & Pablo Hoboken, New Jersey
Jul 29 2009 7:30P The Camel w/ Mansions Richmond, Virginia
Jul 30 2009 8:00P The Soapbox Laundrolounge w/ Mansions Wilmington, North Carolina
Jul 31 2009 9:45P Drunken Unicorn w/ Mansions Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 1 2009 8:00P Local 506 w/ Mansions Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Aug 2 2009 8:00P 1982 Bar w/ O’Brother Gainesville, Florida
Aug 3 2009 9:45P Big Daddy’s w/ O’Brother Tallahassee, Florida
Aug 4 2009 9:45P Jack Rabbit’s w/ O’Brother Jacksonville, Florida
Aug 5 2009 8:00P The Talent Farm w/ O’Brother Pembroke Pines, Florida
Aug 6 2009 8:00P Transitions Art Gallery w/ O’Brother Tampa, Florida
Aug 7 2009 9:30P Alabama Music Box w/ O’Brother Mobile, Alabama
Aug 8 2009 10:30P Mellow Mushroom w/ O’Brother Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Aug 9 2009 7:30P HiTone CAfe w/ O’Brother Memphis, Tennessee
Aug 10 2009 8:00P Dukum Inn w/ Mulanix Street Orchestra & Amanda Kofron Kirksville, Missouri
Aug 14 2009 7:00P Jackpot Saloon w/ Mulanix Street Orchestra Lawrence, Kansas
Aug 18 2009 8:00P Lindberg’s Bar w/ Mulanix Street Orchestra Springfield, Missouri
Aug 19 2009 6:30P Creep Show w/ Mulanix Street Orchestra Farmington, Missouri
Aug 20 2009 8:00P The Firebird w/ Mulanix Street Orchestra St. Louis, Missouri
Aug 23 2009 8:00P The Marquis Theater w/ Aushua & Middle Distance Runner Denver, Colorado

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He played First of the Century at one of the shows I was at too.

Btw, did you go to the show the other night at Maxwell's? Cuz it was definitely amazing.
He did? Aww... I wish he'd play for longer. Like, John, come on, you have a lot of songs. He could make it *at least* 13 songs or so. I've been hoping for "Dignity and Money" for almost two years now and he never does it. Not sure there's a reason, but oh well. I also wish he'd do Try solo on the keyboard. (like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze-HO4muL2E )

I did go to Maxwell's. My friends are serious Pablo fans (and Straylight/John fans as well) and that was my first Pablo show. So good! Since we don't particularly care about Mansions (though I did enjoy their set at The Space), we went outside because we had some catching up to do. The sign said John would be on at 10pm, so at 10 we went back and he had already started. I was so sad. He was finishing up a song and then he played This Is How. Do you know what he played before that? I'm assuming that one new song and Not To Let Go, but I don't really know. Anyway, YES! The shows were really really good. I like the songs live even better than the recordings. I can't wait for the album. I know it'll be awesome. I wish more people would realize that.
I love Try, so I'm all for him doing a solo version of that too. (It was so good live when I saw SLR in April, so I'm sure he could swing it solo, or even solo with help from Camille.) And yeah he opened with I Don't Believe You and Not to Let Go again.He started like right at ten, or ten according to my phone lol, so you only missed a little bit. Did he really only play so few songs? It was short, but that list looks shorter than I feel like it should be. Basically the same set as I saw last week, but sadly minus First of the Century. Do you know how bad I was hoping for that as the encore? (I think he may have been tipsy though, so I guess I'll have to excuse him. lol)
Ugh, after Straylight put up the solo version of Try on youtube, I've been listening to it nonstop. It's so good. Like, I might like it even better than the EP version. But I'm a sucker for anything piano-y, so...

Yeah, he did only play these songs :( I made sure to write down the setlist cause I wanted to remember the show and what was played. I wish he'd played an encore on one of these two dates. I mean, Height is all done recording, right? So he has more new songs. Play them. (It's okay though... he was definitely a bit tipsy at Maxwell's. lol)
He's such a cute drunk though, with all the rambling. I loled so hard when Camille told him maybe he should just start the song ... and he was like no and jokingly rambled some more.
And he's played a few more SLR songs accoustic (Buttoned Down, First of the Century, Your Name Here, etc.) so even if he doesn't want to play or can't arrange to play by himself his new solo stuff yet he does have a few more songs he could put into rotation. Honestly, when has anybody ever complained about a show being too long? lol

I can never remember what songs were played either. I rely on my friends to tell me after which ones I've forgotten. Haha. And it's really good live. I was all set to record it because it was all the same as last week so I was pretty sure he was going to, but then he went and played It's for the Best instead.
Yeah, their cuteness made me smile a lot. He looked happy. Aw, I love Buttoned Down live :( I feel like he played Your Name Here and It's For The Best at every SLR show I've been to (Not that many, but you know... there are so many other songs I'd love to see) I really like Mile After Mile, but I'm glad he didn't play that when Camille was there. I think I'd feel a bit creepy. All the shows I've been to at Maxwell's end at like 11:30pm or later. On my phone it said 10:53pm or something. Liiiiiike! Then again, my phone might've been wrong. I'm sorry about you not being able to record it. I hate that I can't help myself with my camera, I'm always making videos of everything...

Now, is John playing the same setlist every night? With the exception of a SLR song? You'd think that an artist with 3 albums (4 if you count TAYF, but we know those words won't come out of his mouth again) and 3 EPs would WANT to play different sets.

May I add how glad I was I didn't hear any "Play Crack the Sky" requests? I did hear a "BIG SHOT!!!!!" though, lol.
Yeah the Pittsburgh and Jersey shows were the same except for the acoustic SLR song. Which is kind of odd, but he did say that he'll be touring again to promote the album closer to release, so at least we'll get some variety then. :) (I guess I can't blame him for keeping it 90% the same. It's probably got to take a while to work out the arrangements to play the songs live, teach his wife all the songs, figure out who's playing what on what song, get the loops together, etc. I really do hope that once he gets all that together next tour will have some different stuff.)
Oooohhhhh I have a feeling Big Shot would be AMAZING. With the guys from Mansions helping out and Camille, surely they'd have enough people to do it. This so needs to happen! And I'm glad there weren't requests for Play Crack the Sky either, mostly because I don't really like that song (freakish, I know. lol).
I thought Straylight was touring on Fall, which would make it hard for John to tour. Unless he's going to be on the road for a long period of time (Not complaining!) There's too much going on this Fall, how am I gonna manage to attend everything that I need to attend? ._. I CAN'T WAIT FOR A RECORD RELEASE SHOW! Please let it happen. On a side note, Straylight should play that B-side/bonus track "I Don't Have the Time" cause I feel like that'd be awesome live! Yeeeaah, Big Shot would've been amazing! It's always one of my favorite parts of a Straylight show. I think they're starting to dislike the song though. I'm thinking John's set will have to change a bit once he goes on to the second part of the tour with O'Brother. I mean, who's gonna play bass and drums? and... lol. Play Crack the Sky. I've never seen John covering it and I must admit I'd enjoy being there to see it. Not that I like the song much better. I swear Jesse plays that song every time I see BN. Now that I think about it, Jesse also never changes his setlist when he tours solo. It was like, 12 dates of Jesse's set sounding exactly the same. Same songs, same order, same delivery. And while I can forgive John, Jesse is just... no. No. (I clearly love/hate him. Feel free to ignore that.) So I don't hate the song, I just don't like it when people request something that's not his instead of requesting a song by him. TBS requests amuse me for some reason. At this SLR show back in... May, I think, this kid requested Your Favorite Weapon (!!!!!) and John was so sweet about it. "HA HA I know your kind! You're the same one who requested Cute Without The 'E'!" and while I hate the kid that would request that, John's response was quite adorable.
And I don't think I ever got to hear First of the Century live :(

I should've always kept setlists from all shows I attended.