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straylightrun's Journal

straylight run fans
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tour dates

welcome to the first and totally best community for the band straylight run

straylight run is :
john nolan // lead vocals, guitar, piano
shaun cooper // bass
michelle nolan // backing vocals, piano
will noon // drums

look : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
listen : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
love : 1 2

- no boring posts. make it interesting or it will be deleted. this includes "hi i'm a newbie," "who's going to this show," "blah blah blah." we want posts with SUBSTANCE. this isn't "straylightrunomfg", this is just "straylightrun", theres a slight standard, people...
- no "im going to see straylight run tommrow and im excited" posts. we all know these, and we also know how annoying they are.
- no posting pictures with obnoxious tags over them. the idea is to give us good pictures, not a reference of how to find you over Michelle or John or Shaun or Will's pretty faces. if you want to credit yourself to the pictures, feel free to use the bottom corners, but don't block the pictures with your names. also please put all pictures behind a cut (save one or two "previews")
-none of that "sell me a ticket" post bullshit. this is a place for you to talk about your straylight run show experience or post experience or interesting (key word: interesting) news. this is not a place to do business transactions.
- NO community promotion, do it & i'll ban you.
got a fansite? want me to link it (under 'love') email it to emodork10523@comcast.net

if these rules are too much to read, simply go here and watch a small educational video on how to post.

[look - pictures. listen - mp3s. love - fansites]

LJ communities
- straylight_run
- sr_resource
- handshakedrugs
- theladynolan
- will__noon
- shaun_cooper
- fredmascherino

Other Things
- the first interveiw
- Nolan/Cooper Worship Y! group
- taking back sunday
- breaking pangaea
- greatest journal community
- john nolan fanlisting

comments? concerns? complaints? >> missdelaney mod

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thank you